Darlington Borough Council Tenancy Agreement

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Help ensure that the lease is included. 6, How many residential homes (council houses) owned by DBC are classified as places of worship? All rights, as defined in the lease, are respected. Bridge2Home is a loan guarantee system. If a person is unable to increase their own loan in order to move into private rental housing and is eligible for the system, we will enter into an agreement with the owner to guarantee the loan for up to one year, no money will change ownership. The loan guarantee is valid for one year. The lessor can claim a right against the system up to the value of the loan guarantee. In return for guaranteeing the loan, we ask the tenant to save each month in the direction of his own loan, which belongs to them at the end of the year, in order to give the lessor a cash loan or to move to another property. 15, Since the announcement of this new «tax» how many people have asked for rent for single rooms? 1, How many one-bedroom properties has Council «rented» in exactly the same way as «family homes» are rented? (The purpose of this question is to see how much bed ownership there would be if all those in which people could «shrink» were empty.) 11, If a Muslim family consisting of one man and 3 women (the Muslim religion declares that they have the right to marry 3 times) who live in a 3-bedroom house with a woman in each room, is it still considered a family and therefore exempt from the payment of a «tax on the chamber» of the Council? If there is a separate regime for this type of matrimonial «establishment,» please give details on how it is managed fairly? 1, How much real estate does the city council own and lease as detached houses, where there is a lease with the individual/resident? (Council houses or whatever the political name is today) To be included in the system, you should be: Homeless or threatened with homelessness – Do you have a local connection to Darlington Borough and are you a British citizen – Are you on benefits or on a low income – You are able to get a lease on the ground -Be To become a B2H landlord: Leaflet_Landlord_Jul_20_v2.pdf 17, does the local authority have any consultation, public or otherwise on the introduction of this tax? If so, please indicate dates, times and locations? We have a comprehensive database containing rental fee information only for members who are fully registered under the Data Protection Act. In addition to our free real estate advertising on www.letslet.net, we have our own ad in local newspapers and offer a free rental service where all members of real estate can be promoted.