Teacher Aide Pay Equity Settlement Agreement

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1. Teacher assistants paid on the printed rate are paid on the basis of the Schedule 1 work matrix table on the new applicable rate. The new scoring system recognizes that competence and responsibility often increase with experience in the role. Teaching aids that reach Stage 5 of Level B can then enter Class C and then progress through Class C. Teaching aids are automatically translated into new salary stages. «And it allows young people to think of teaching aid as a profession.» NZEI Te Riu Roa held paid union meetings for teachers between July and August. We have put together some of the most common questions we have received at these pay equity settlement meetings. 2. After appointment, any auxiliary teaching function must be placed in a work matrix class (A, B, C or D) using the Schedule 1 work matrix table.

Like the development of the equity index, it is an important and complex financial policy work, and the parties recognize the potential to contribute to better outcomes for teachers, schools, students and their children. Given that this work has a significant impact on all schools and on providing learning support for students with additional needs, it is necessary to engage with a large number of stakeholders, including school leaders, including teachers, curatoriums, educational institutions and others. In November 2020, NZEI Te Riu Roa members will automatically receive the new equity and repayment rates (dated February 12, 2020) through the collective agreement. Schools are receiving additional resources to bear the cost of these new rates. NZEI Te Riu Roa`s teacher assistance negotiation team has consistently insisted that compensation be reimbursed and has recognized the tireless efforts of NZEI te Riu Roa members in this pay equity process. Unfortunately, the government`s position on this issue was unwavering. To date, no pay equity agreement has been reached because the philosophy of pay equity was that all women were disadvantaged in the past and that this required redress. Last week, the Minister of Education reaffirmed the need for non-union teachers to sign the last Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) by 18 September 2020. The completion of the IEA by these teachers ensures that they will receive the new pay equity rates in the November cycle and the additional payment as of February 12, 2020. We will calculate the additional pay equity funding by translating the teaching assistants from the old salary scale to the new wage capital scale.

This is a point-to-point translation according to the translation rules of the comparison. The point on the point means that teaching assistants are transferred from their current point on the tariff grid to the corresponding point on the salary capital scale. 5.1 The parties agree to include in the collective agreement a new clause 2.5.1A:2.5.1A From [ratification date] subject to item 2.4.2 and notwithstanding clause 2.5.1 above, For workers who routinely work in the «Teacher`s Assistant Matrix» table in paragraph 3A.3.3, whether or not they are qualified as teaching assistants, the employer`s ability to vary the worker`s schedules and/or weeks per year is limited to a maximum variation of 25% of the hours and/or weeks the worker currently employs over a 12-month period.