Continuing Tenancy Agreement Nsw

Your contract cannot be terminated because the premises are sold. If you breach any provision of the rental agreement, you will be responsible for correcting it. If you are a tenant, it may mean that you are paying money to solve problems caused by you or your guests. If you do not voluntarily pay to repair the infringement, you may be sued for damages resulting from the infringement and/or possibly cleared by the lessor. The owner/agent can go to court to challenge your termination. If the court finds that the landlord/agent has remedied the offense, they can cancel your termination and the lease continues or orders you to pay compensation. The lessor can ask for notice without termination if he would suffer unreasonable harshness if he continued the lease, the court can make an order of termination and order the lessor to compensate you for the loss of the lease. In some situations, it may be cheaper for you to simply take possession and immediately notify that you will evacuate once the notice period has expired – sometimes it may be better to pay one or two months` rent than to go to court and be forced to pay more. The lease is terminated when the tenant leaves the premises. The premises are abandoned if the tenant evacuates permanently without valid notice and no longer pays the rent.. .