Enterprise Agreement Overtime

If the agent is informed less than six hours in advance of the cancellation of overtime. 27.18. The delegate may authorize the payment of an annual overtime allowance where the staff member`s duties require long hours of work and/or significant hours of work outside normal working time, in order to compensate for all overtime worked instead of the overtime allowances provided for in clause 27.5. For employees of ANU Officer level 8 or higher, the delegate is the Director – Human Resources. 45.4 Where an agent has worked overtime in accordance with point 45.6, he shall be paid for that overtime, unless agreed between the staff member and his superior, instead of paying overtime. Companies should expect costly penalties for non-compliance with company agreements and other industrial instruments. Where an employee occasioned receives overtime pay, he or she is not entitled to the contingency charge for the overtime referred to in clause 15.7. 27.19. 45.2 Overtime shall be calculated on the next quarter of an hour of the total amount of overtime worked during a fourteen-day billing period. The company`s company agreement (the «Agreement») states that «(The employer) may require an employee to work adequate overtime and that the employee work such overtime as required.» On behalf of the workers, the construction, forestry, shipping, mining and energy union argued that 8.75 hours per week of overtime per week was contrary to the terms of the agreement, which stated: «104 hours of overtime in one year is generally considered appropriate.»