Sri Lanka Trade Agreements

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. Browse online documents These links open a new window: Let the results appear for a moment. Tariff quotas (tariff quotas) are certain quantities of products for which the importing country would grant duty-free access or preferential import duty from the other Party to the Agreement. Products that exceed the agreed customs tariff are subject to the normal customs duties applied by the importing country for these products. The authority responsible for issuing PSFTA certificates of origin is the Export Promotion Office, as indicated by the Ministry of Commerce in accordance with R.R.O.510 (1)/2005 of 6 June 2005 All manufactured products in category (b) above should contain at least 35% of the domestic value added of their FOB value in order to benefit from preferential treatment. In addition, it is also necessary that all non-originating materials used by exporters change their six-digit HS codes relative to those of the final product due to the manufacturing process in the exporting country. . Cumulative rules of origin encourage exporters to source inputs from the other contracting country. However, domestic value added in the territory of the exporting country may not be less than 25% of the FOB value of the final product, while aggregate value added in both parts should be at least 35% of the FOB value.

In addition, the products concerned should also meet the requirement to amend the HS code (six digits), as is the case for the products manufactured above, mentioned in category b. Pakistan`s negative list consists of 540 six-digit HS tariff headings (products). Since these products are on the negative list, they are not entitled to tariff concessions when imported from Sri Lanka See the TPR gateway for declarations and background Sri Lanka has listed a total of 102 six-digit HS tariff lines on which Pakistan enjoys 100% duty-free access. The Ministry of Commerce notified the empty «rules of origin» S.R.O.508 (1)/2005 of 6 June 2005 and the operating procedure for the issuance and verification of the empty certificate of origin Notification S.R.O.509 (1)/2005) of 6 June 2005. The Government of Pakistan has issued the following notifications regarding the application of the Pak-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement: the agreement contains the articles on objectives, definitions, elimination of customs duties, para- and non-tariff barriers, rules of origin, safeguard measures, dispute settlement, amendments, annexes, etc. . . .