Tenancy Agreement Act Seychelles

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3. The legal rental and any other rental or agreement for the rental of the registered premises, as well as any obligation, shall cease at purchase in accordance with this Section. «tenant» means a subtenant and a widow of a lessee or subtenant who resided with him or her at the time of his or her death or, if the lessee or tenant does not leave such a widow or is a woman, the family member of the tenant or lessee who resides as set out above, in the event of non-consent of the board of directors and also includes any person; who benefits from the use and use of a dwelling house for which compensation must be paid or not;  Disputes within the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors include disputes concerning the tenancy (including non-payment or requests for fixing, reducing or increasing the rent) and breaches of the terms of the rental agreements. 3. This Section shall also apply to premises used without rent or for remuneration instead of rent, unless they are used as a service relationship under Article 1(d). (a) terminate the lease or the use of the premises; or  The Rent and Lease Control Act allows the lessor to distribute the lessor in the event of a breach of the rental agreement (promise not concluded in the rental agreement), even if the tenant does not pay the rent. If the tenant refuses the evacuation, the landlord must file an eviction application with the rental authority. The tenant must be informed and have the opportunity to appear. The tenant has the opportunity to submit a response to the court and present his page of history. (iv) enter into an agreement related to the exercise of a power conferred by this Annex. Observe ownership and be entitled to all «living leases», i.e.

a Part V lease; (2) A Seychellois shall be considered to be rented if there is an agreement between him and the owner on his use of the premises, even if the agreement can only be made in writing or can only be inferred from the conduct of the parties. . . .